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Mad Scientist Slot Machine - Play for Free Instantly Online

Mad Scientist Slot Machine - Play for Free Instantly Online

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Mad Scientist Slot Machine - Play for Free Instantly Online -

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So he decided to "balance it out" by making an -inator that would give people poor vision, forcing them to use the same device and give him even more money.

Doofenshmirtz actually appeared on an episode of Shark Tank , a series where inventors pitch their ideas to a panel of potential investors.

Doofenshmirtz pitched his Shrinkinator, stating that he originally designed it to shrink City Hall and put it in his pocket for ransom, but decided that everyone could use one, giving examples of making more closet space and shrinking your car if you can't find a parking space.

It's simple to use, as there's only two controls: Doofenshmirtz thought the deal sounded pretty good and would have accepted if he hadn't accidentally pressed the self-destruct button.

At one point, Doofenshmirtz tried to use his genius to create a working formula that brought hair back and market it legally, which would've flown off the shelves Notably averted in one episode of Dynomutt Dog Wonder.

The immensely but not superhumanly strong Superthug has hired an engineer to build a strength-enhancing exo-skeleton.

His plan is not to use it to commit super-crimes, but to mass produce it, and sell the copies to other criminals so they can commit super-crimes and give him a small percentage.

Doomsday — Lex Luthor finds a cure for muscular dystrophy and orders his assistant to turn it into an expensive, lifelong treatment. He can afford Conspicuous Consumption , cool Gadget Watches , has acquired an Abandoned Warehouse to his real name , and he organizes a Bank Robbery but left all the money in the vault.

As Batman has never heard of Fugate before their first meeting, it's implied Fugate didn't need to resort to crime to get all that Offscreen Villain Dark Matter , as his skills could make his fortune by legal means again.

A very clever subversion occurs in in "Fear of Victory", where the Scarecrow combines both legal and illegal methods to make money.

He bets against famous professional and college athletes, and then secretly dopes them with his fear toxin. When the athletes lose their competitions, the Scarecrow makes a huge amount of money for betting against the odds.

The Scarecrow uses the money to pay for the chemicals and other paraphernalia he uses in his more dangerous schemes, making "Fear of Victory" one of the rare times when we actually see where Offscreen Villain Dark Matter might come from.

Notably, Batman and Robin only discover the Scarecrow's plans when Robin is accidentally doped with fear toxin along with his college football playing-friend.

In Xiaolin Chronicles Jack Spicer actually uses his tech skills to make money in episode 9 though in more of a Geek Squad way than by using his own inventions.

Especially noticeable since he often makes huge robotics breakthroughs both in this series and the previous one and has never really seemed to consider selling his skills until now.

However, he only started having money troubles recently, so he might not have needed to before in the first series he explicitly has rich parents.

In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode "A Dog and Pony Show", the Diamond Dogs could make a lot more money in their mining outfit acting as businesscanines instead of kidnappers.

Both Rarity and the Diamond Dogs want gems, Rarity can dowse for gems but can't dig, and the Diamond Dogs can dig but can't dowse.

The math should've been obvious, even to a race that's naturally Book Dumb hell, it's actually shown on-screen to be the most profitable system the Diamond Dogs have ever seen, since it takes the whole cast to cart away the amount mined in a single afternoon.

Carter Pewterschmidt in Family Guy has the cure for cancer, but refuses to sell it on the grounds that it would be a short-term gain, long-term loss, because he also makes money on chemotherapy and pharmaceutical treatments.

Ignoring the fact that his fortune came from about a hundred other enterprises including his inheritance, he's obviously not aware of how much money and praise will get showered at him if he were to unveil the holy grail of medicine; sometimes publicity is more valuable than the product.

Not to mention that not even his original reasoning makes sense. Since we see him after having taken the drug, we can assume that it is a cure for cancer, not a vaccine ; otherwise he would have never had to deal with the cancer in the first place unless there was some reason why he wouldn't want a cancer vaccine in his system.

As it is just a one-time cure, and relapses would require a second dose, he could just sell it at an absurd price; it doesn't matter, everyone would still buy it.

Plus, unless he owns a monopoly on chemotherapy and other cancer pharma, the only people losing money would be his competitors.

Really, the writers just didn't think this through. An episode of Time Squad had Houdini using his magic to commit a string of robberies. People were so impressed by it that after some prodding by Otto, they set up a fake diamond exhibit that people paid to get in simply to see him steal it.

After learning this, Houdini realizes he can get rich simply by being a performer. At first a gimmicky bank robber with an extraordinary persuasive ability, he realized he could make far more money, and get far fewer hero induced bruises, by turning his talents to honest work.

Thus did he become a life coach. The ending of Gravity Falls has Old Man McGuckett becoming incredibly wealthy upon regaining his sanity and patenting all of his inventions.

Drakken is frequently criticized for being heavily in debt due to spending so much money on every scheme to defeat Kim.

Somewhat averted later on in the series, as Drakken would later develop a habit of stealing hyper-advanced technology on top of building doomsday devices himself Frugal Lucre, however, is a deconstruction of this trope, of sorts.

The purpose of his villainous plots is to demonstrate to other villains that they don't need to spend as much money as they do.

Using materials from the discount store he works at and some self-taught Hollywood Hacking skills, he proves himself as big a threat as the Bond-esque villains who make up most of the rest Kim's rogues gallery.

Norman Osborn's attempt at buying Toomes' company out from under him was based entirely on Osborn's claims that Toomes' experiments in anti-gravity flight were failures that would end up bankrupting the company.

At that point, however, Toomes had finished a fully-functional anti-gravity personalized flight suit.

If he'd just flown it over to the board meeting and showed it off, Osborn would have been thrown out of the building and Toomes' company would have been rolling in money.

Instead, Toomes took up the identity of the Vulture to assassinate Osborn for trying to take over, which cost him everything.

Staunchly averted in Villainous , as the main characters are in the business of weapons development. A number of the shorts involve Black Hat 's attempts to market the inventions of his main henchman, Dr.

Flug, to other villains. Lord Boxman mostly averts this in OK K. He runs a successful company that produces robotic mooks for other super villains; however, his obsession with the superheroes at the Lakewood Plaza Turbo, and especially his nemesis Mr.

Gar, leads to him neglecting his orders. His investors call him out on it. Lampshaded in Coyote Ragtime Show when a swindler manages to sneak his way into a high-paying executive job for a major bank purely so he'll be in a position to test himself against their reputedly 'impenetrable' vault — he could easily have lived a comfortable and stable life with a job like that, but the money wasn't the issue.

Dragon Ball Z , Dr. Gero was capable of building machines that have infinite fuel. Given the world's demand for fuel, he could easily become the richest man in the world with this technology.

Plus being able to make androids capable of defeating Super Sayians, just imagine if he put that kind of technology into construction or space travel.

Too bad he was only interested in getting revenge on Goku. Piccolo even lampshades it after chopping off Gero's arm, declaring his efforts to be a "waste of technology.

He gets his answer soon enough: Shizuo's so violently unstable that it's only by virtue of Ultimate Job Security that he has any job at all.

A later Light Novel has Shinra pointing out that Shizuo's probably one of the few people that could consider supervillainy as his most viable career option, and the fact that he hasn't is a reason why Shinra usually gives him the benefit of the doubt when the situation looks bad.

Nah, how would you ever bother to kidnap anyone? With your power it would be much faster to go to a bank and tear down the door of its vault if you wanted money.

It never seems to occur to them that they'd be better off using their incredibly powerful robot servants to pay the bills instead.

The exception is K, who only joined the villains so he could quit his job and bum around all day. The manga constantly reminds us that he is unemployed.

Hell is wealthy and intelligent enough to build dozens of gigantic war machines , Doomsday weapons, squads of cyborgs, several HQ, aircrafts , submarines It was kind of justified in one of the different manga continuities when Dr.

Hell revealed shortly after finding the old Mykene's mechanical warriors , Count Brocken took over several ancient European Mafia in order to earn cash for Hell.

However he will not use his talents for legitimate - and less frustration-inducing - gain because he sees himself like The Woobie and wants to make the whole of humankind pay for all humiliations and hurt he suffered in the past.

Hideaki Anno is reported to have asked why Neo-Atlantis in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water wants to conquer the world instead of just using their superior technology for their own benefit.

Reportedly, he got no answer. Wikipedia reports this, although the actual source seems unfindable. This trope is almost the premise of the series — this is a world where rather than building safer tanks or devices to protect people from chemical weapons, they engineer people who can withstand tank-fire and chemical weapons.

Lampshaded in the interlude where a lab assistant finds a report about the protective fluid that the Flamethrower Troopers use and mentions that they could be used to help burn victims.

Her superior replies to that by telling her to throw it out because he doesn't need it anymore. Vamp is such a good homemaker that Sunred tells him, "You oughta give up the world domination thing and open a restaurant.

Likewise, in a more nobler example he creates the prototype Duel Disk to give him an advantage against Pegasus so he can attempt to defeat him and rescue his brother; the finalized version is also eventually put on the mass market.

In theory, any supervillain who uses expensive, fantastic technology for theft could subvert this: The problem is, in a world where superheroes are everywhere thwarting your every move, this isn't likely to happen.

In All-Star Superman Lex is so bitter and twisted towards Superman that he can't really be bothered doing anything that isn't related in some way to his vendetta.

At the end, when he tries to accuse Superman of encouraging Holding Out for a Hero , Superman points out this trope to him: If Lex had truly ever wanted to save the world, he could have done it years ago.

The Present , written by Adam Troy-Castro, Spidey muses on "the guys who spend six million dollars building robot suits so they can rob banks".

In the first issue of The Hood , a friend of the Villain Protagonist spots Electro in a bar and speculates on why Electro doesn't just take a job with the electric company and earn millions that way.

He points out that his friend would never last an hour at a straight job. Practically any supervillain or any other character who is subject to No Conservation of Energy could take over the world by offering themselves as a free energy source, which everyone would inevitably end up depending on.

Doctor Alchemy somehow got his hands on the Philosopher's Stone — giving him the power to create infinite amounts of riches, transmute any substance to anything else, psychokinesis, and makes him immortal.

He uses it to commit petty crimes which repeatedly get him sent to jail. This is lampshaded extensively and hilariously in the opening narration of Manhunter 7.

Mirror Master is arguably the greatest inventor in the history of the world. He has created such devices as a matter duplicator, teleportation, and interdimensional portals.

The first Mirror Master used these things to rob banks, the third uses them for mercenary work. If they just sold them they could become obscenely rich and not have to get the crap beaten out of them by a pajama-clad speedster.

The third Mirror Master actually ruminated on this once, that he and most of the people he ran with could become filthy rich beyond anything they could earn in petty crimes if they sold even half their individual tech, and that people had outright pointed this out to him before.

He, however, concluded he LIKED running around being a supervillain far too much to really consider going legit.

In another story, a police detective who is forced to team up with Captain Cold calls him out for his criminal tendencies, pointing out how a man who invented a device that could manipulate matter on a molecular level his "Cold Gun" would have had no problem getting rich legitimately.

The Captain responds by pointing out the detective's preference for expensive suits despite their impracticality in his line of work.

In the climax of the story, Element Master says he discovered a new element the creatively dubbed "elemento" that is a sort of magnetic light, which he uses to send the Flash to the Moon.

Ignoring everything wrong with that idea, if it were true, Element Master would've completely changed the way we look at the elements, magnetism, Einstein's theory of relativity, and space travel, easily becoming the most important scientific figure in recent history.

Averted by villain the Chunk, who gave up supervillainy and used his suction powers being able to siphon off material to another universe inside his own body to start a personal removal business.

With many of the "science villains" who make up the Rogues Gallery for The Flash , it's noted that the reason they don't turn their talents towards legitimate profit is because they often genuinely are too unstable to either think of it or even to want to.

Alchemy has two personalities; one of them is an incredible douche who thinks of all other humans as insignificant , so he thinks that sharing his Philosopher's Stone is beneath him, while the other is more benevolent but can't actually make the Stone.

In the Marvel comic Heroes for Hire , a mercenary named Paladin breaks into a special armory where the props and weapons of various former gimmick villains are stored, seeking valuable weapons to both arm himself with and to sell.

He comes across the "alchemy gun" of the former supervillain Chemistro, and comments amusedly that "This guy invented a gun that could turn lead into gold, and all he could think of was to rob banks with it".

Moments later, he had a lightbulb moment, saying "You know what? Forget the rest of the stuff, I'm good with just this.

He is understandably furious. He presumably was unaware of the fact that any object transmuted by the alchemy gun turns into dust after exposure to heat or after a certain amount of time.

Luke Cage would eventually comment that Chemistro was just one of those guys who had power and wanted to throw it around so people knew he meant business.

If he turned things into gold and made himself rich, no one would be afraid of him or know who was boss. Chemistro's alchemy gun is in fact a subversion.

In one issue of Iron Man , Curtis Carr tells Tony Stark that he has in fact tried to create new alchemy guns by attempting to duplicate the radiation field that gave his original gun its powers.

As much as Carr might want to mass-produce his invention and get rich that way, so far he's had no luck. Even if he just had the one gun, there are millions if not billions to be made by hiring yourself out to turn dangerous and unwanted things— think nuclear waste, surplus WMDs, or other Mad Science gadgets— into gold, then letting them disintegrate into harmless powder.

Or he could just turn random objects into gold, sell them for big bucks, then be gone before they disintegrate.

Illegal, but not in the high-profile way that tends to attract superhero attention. Or for that matter, there's surely some industrial process for which some company would happily "rent" large quantities of short-term gold.

All that aside, Curtis Carr was another subversion in that he invented his alchemy gun intending to get rich legally.

However, he developed it on company time using resources owned by the company he worked for. Curtis's boss said that meant the gun was legally the company's property, and the boss wasn't likely to pay Curtis royalties.

Curtis's original reason for becoming Chemistro was to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against his crooked boss, which led to the boss hiring Luke Cage for protection.

The comic loves to simultaneously avert, lampshade and justify this trope, by pointing out negative implications of letting weaponized supervillain tech or, more frequently, Iron Man's repulsor tech out into the world.

Once one of his enemies implanted repulsor-variant technology into terrorists' bodies, turning them into high-end suicide bombers.

Hundreds were killed and Stark Industries was completely wiped out. Iron Man once defeated a villain called the Living Laser.

An alternate universe comic has him simply hiring the certified genius as Tony Stark. Unfortunately, this doesn't work because like most villains, he doesn't fit into society.

This is arguably the best reason for not cutting Lex a check Gregor Shapanka, the original Blizzard, is another subversion who started out as a legitimate Stark International engineer.

However, he embezzled money from Stark's company to finance his own personal projects. When Stark fired him for theft, Shapanka became the costumed villain Blizzard to get revenge on Stark.

Averted with Astro City 's Mock Turtle, who put his skills to creating Powered Armor for a company, only for them to forbid him from piloting it, so he snapped and stole it.

In the Tarnished Angel arc, Steeljack interviews the loved ones of supervillains who had recently turned up dead.

The boyfriend of the Chain said that he always thought the Chain's technology to transfer one's consciousness into a metal body had a lot of potential in deep sea or space exploration, but whenever he brought that up the Chain would look at him like he was an idiot and say he didn't understand.

And when he manages to pull off a bank heist and retire to Rio, he finds he's ill at ease because nobody ever found out who did it. He didn't want the money, he just wanted people to recognize that he was still brilliant.

He started out as a weapons designer for the military and developed a suit of porcupine-themed armor equipped with a wide variety of different weapons.

Gentry thought that the U. Given how badly his villain career turned out, he probably would have been better off selling it to the military Subverted by the Ultimate version of the Thinker, who turned to crime after he was fired from Roxxon for proposing alternative energy based on Vibranium.

Averted in some Marvel comic or other. Molecule Man chats with another supervillain: Who needs the grief? With my powers I can live in luxury without ever doing anything to draw the heroes' attention.

Funny thing, a guy like [Zemo]. He invented some kind of super-glue or something. But I don't want to cure cancer.

I want to turn people into dinosaurs. I'm sorry, you built this in your garage? I mean, yeah I, the guys at the lab all said I was crazy, they- Superman: You built a jet pack in your garage and your first thought was, "I should use this to commit a crime"?

Well, when you put it that way He once tried to form a one-man corporation, but all he had to show investors was "a dinky little program I wrote for fun.

That, and Jason cares more about making mischief than money. If the thought ever occurs to him to make money off of the things he produces, it's only so he can buy materials needed to cause greater mischief.

For instance, he sent a computer worm directly to the White House, easily bypassing all security, solely to mess with his older sister which is his most common motivating factor.

Deconstructed to a great extent in issue 16 of Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With the Light , when the Beetle provides a number of rebuttals to the arguments that supervillains should just patent their technology.

Even if you can patent your technology, there's always the danger that some Corrupt Corporate Executive will try and screw you out of your share of the profits, something the Beetle claims happened to the Shocker when he tried selling his shock blasters to Justin Hammer.

Starting your own business is no guarantee of success either, particularly when many businesses fail within their first year of operation.

Then there's the fact that many supervillains do not want to spend their time working for people they view as Pointy Haired Bosses who got ahead through asskissing and brownnosing, rather than actual talent.

This obviously isn't the case most of the time, but supervillains as a whole tend to be misanthropes Lampshaded and discussed in Marry the Knight.

Poison Ivy, in an attempt to kill her husband Bruce Wayne, creates a plant whose leaves when consumed act as a much cheaper and superior form of Viagra, but kills the user very quickly.

Barbara Gordon sends a sample to Swamp Thing, who both makes it safe and plans to mass produce it making a fortune. Ivy would do far more good if she used her abilities for niceness instead of evil.

Why invent such a thing only to use as a murder weapon? Why not patent it, sell it for profit, and use the proceeds to simply buy the woodlands she wants preserved?

With all that, you'd think he'd just quit being a villain and go into the media business. The first thing he does once he gets the magical book is steal the Krabby Patty recipe so he can make money off of it rather than just make himself rich.

Possibly justified by the fact that it is implied that the book is limited to influencing what has already been written in it, meaning Burger Beard can't do anything directly for himself with it.

The villain of Up , Charles F. Muntz, wants to get fame and recognition by catching a rare bird. To accomplish this he invents devices that allow dogs to communicate verbally, and fly airplanes.

Even if he wanted fame and renown rather than money, being known as the person who invented the device that lets dogs talk to humans would be far more likely to make him famous than catching a new species of bird.

Considering the dogs don't even need to bark to speak with this, the profits from engineering it to allow mute humans and humans who are completely paralyzed to speak would ensure his honor among the greats.

This is, however, justified and lampshaded to some extent by showing that he has become psychotically obsessed with the bird. His museum is full of dozens of skeletons of other species, all of them of a bizarre nature and undiscovered to science.

Had he brought any of those back instead, he would have made far more of a profit in the scientific realm than the capture of a single colorful ostrich.

He was mostly bitter that the one he brought back as a skeleton was declared a fake and obsessed with clearing his name.

If he hadn't taken it with him and spent decades hiding in the jungle DNA tests would have proved it long before the time of the movie.

Evil is wasting time and resources on evil schemes when, in his absence, Number Two has turned the front company into a corporate entity leagues more successful than it ever was before Dr.

This falls on deaf ears, naturally. In Goldmember , he finally hits upon the brilliant scheme of making the organization a legitimate business with the ethics of an evil organization by turning it into a talent agency.

In Lord of War , Yuri Orlov eventually abandons his business as an arms dealer and adopts, in his words, "more legal methods of exploiting Third World countries", but notes that it isn't as thrilling as his old line of work, and there is comparatively more competition.

He inevitably returns to arms dealing, with the change that it is government sponsored. Played both ways in Iron Man 2 with Ivan Vanko.

Though not as efficient as Tony's, it's nevertheless a functional copy and Tony even points out that a man like Vanko has the kind of connections necessary to market it to whoever he wants, legitimately or otherwise.

Vanko retorts that his motives are personal. Vanko's father did try to sell it for massive profit but Howard Stark would have none of it, exiling him from the US instead.

Ivan is out for Tony's blood as his family stole the opportunity to have that check cut for them. In other words, the ship already sailed long ago for Ivan as far as making money, he's just interested in making Tony suffer by this point.

Octopus is researching a new power source in Spider-Man 2. In order to control it, he invents a system of mechanical arms that interface with his brain, have artificial intelligence , are indestructible , have the strength to throw cars, and never seem to need new batteries.

Every aspect of the things would seem to merit a Nobel Prize, but Octavius and the rest of the world initially only treat them as a simple tool.

In Spider-Man 3 , Sandman needs to raise money for his sick daughter and turns to a life of crime. When he becomes living sand, you'd think he could strike a deal to work off his debt to society for a little government health care.

It's not like a guy who can meld with sand wouldn't come in handy in any ongoing warzones. Instead, he simply robs banks. Lampshaded in Darkman III: The doctor in charge of making a serum based on the nerve damage suffered by the titular character discusses with herself the fact that she could make way more money selling to pharmaceutical companies.

The problem was, the machine ended up copying things instead of teleporting them. But Angier still used the machine to perform his magic trick, creating copies of himself so that it appeared as though he was teleporting across long distances.

Angiers could become the richest man in the world almost overnight by copying valuable objects with the machine, but he's already a wealthy gentleman who is more interested in magic than riches.

He could also do things like completely end world hunger by copying food and so forth, but his obsession to out-do his magical rival blinds him to all other goals.

In Street Fighter , M. Bison is the dictator of some tiny southeastern Asian country, but somehow has developed both super-soldier biochemical engineering, as well as hover boots, with which he wants to use to conquer the world.

He could probably become the de facto ruler of the world just by marketing those two bits of technology. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 's Eric Sacks finds a mutagen that can, theoretically, allow a person to regenerate cellular damage.

He could be the wealthiest pharmaceutical supplier in the world without causing the death of millions, and without risking arrest or worse in the process, but then the plot would have nowhere to go.

Why he doesn't just sell the giant diamonds is never explained. If not that, he could have just patented the smaller ray immediately, waited for the Nobel, and wondered how many new laws in physics will be named after him.

The applications are endless and he's just disproved everything known about thermodynamics. He would never again want for funds no matter what he's researching.

At the end of the film Batman talks him into doing just that. Oh, and giving him the cure to the early stage of the horrible disease his wife had.

The stage, coincidentally, Alfred happens to have. Freeze trades the cure for a cell with Poison Ivy, since he learned she tried to kill his wife.

Sir August could have legally made billions of dollars just by selling the services of his Weather-Control Machine to the governments of the world.

Possibly justified because he's insane and wants revenge on the British government for firing him. In the Disney film Sky High villain Royal Pain invents a weapon that reverts its target to being an infant.

Let that sink in. She has made a device that can make an individual instantly young again. It's also heavily implied the device can actually pinpoint a specific age regardless of how old you are.

So she could quite easily create and market a device that makes you biologically speaking 18 every time you use it.

The financial rewards for marketing this would be so unimaginably vast that any power the supervillain desired would be easily gained legally. So obviously it's used in a zany evil scheme instead.

Semi-justified, as trying to take over the world with an entire generation of superheroes turned into loyal, amoral minions was probably more tempting.

Also justified in that the device blew up and reverted her to infancy during its initial field test because the superhero she was aiming it at punched it while it was charging up , and she has to steal the original prototype back from the hero's trophy room before she can use it again thus strongly implying that she's unable to make copies of it — apparently it runs on unique phlebotinum that is not mass-producible.

Upstream Color features several mysterious people who exploit the unique properties of a blue substance that produces hypnotizing effects and amazing empathic links between people.

Introducing it to the world could yield untold fortunes, with world-changing possibilities. Instead, one of them uses it to steal the savings of random people he encounters, while another uses it to inspire his music.

From Colossus and the Headhunters , one can't help but think there are much better ways Kermes could go about trying to gain the power he wants. He imprisoned and tortured the King, betrayed his country to a group of savage headhunters, slaughtered hundreds, and then kidnapped the Queen Way to aim low, villain!

Did it ever occur to you that she might have just given you the position if you weren't such a rat? The interesting thing is the scheme- putting a guy on a reality show for his whole life and not telling him- does apparently make money, "the wealth of a small country", through product placements.

But the creators must have forgotten that they were able to create an entirely artificial biome , with weather you can control with a touchscreen , bodies of water, soil and plant life, air, and housing.

There are tons of applications for all that. Wealthy areas with water shortages, like California, Saudi Arabia, and Israel would pay through the nose for such environments.

There would be people who could build their own separate self-sustaining communities. You could colonize Antarctica, or possibly space.

And if a TV studio can afford it, you know similar sized groups and national governments can afford these. The grooves in the base make you not want to set it that way because of how it looks, so be warned there.

There are base pegs for the robot's feet, and pegs on the sides for the robot's hands to snap onto. Perhaps the biggest suprise for me was that this is actually a wind up toy.

The knob is in his back, and when wound it causes his hips to thrust. That way, when he's set up properly, he actually will hump the washing machine as per the running gag on Robot Chicken.

There is one major downside though. The wind up motor just isn't up to the job of moving this guy due to how stiff his joints are.

Stiff enough to let him hold almost any pose you want, but not loose enough to let him really get it on by himself. Granted, if you are like me, he will be sitting on a cube shelf as a decoration, he wouldn't be wound up with any regularity anyway.

Kudos that they thought to add this feature, its just a little dissappointing that it didn't work. This toy is absolutely hilarious!

I won't go into details but lets just say that when you wind it up, it will "get down to business" haha! Those who are familiar with the show always burst out in laughter.

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There is real gold rush happening on the reels, without even needing to sift any sand. Renovations have always been costly, but this 20 payline i-Slot offers a crazy payout with 3 bonus rounds.

There is a DIY Round where there are various duties, like plumbing, painting, or gopher extermination that you must complete for the future home-owners.

Playing more and winning additional coins will increase the value of the house. The lady painter is an expanding wild. Enter the ring of this 20 payline i-Slot, and punch your way out to enter the free spins round where free spins are awarded.

The Knockout Bonus is triggered when 3 or more consecutive opponents appear on the reels. This 5 reel, 15 payline i-Slot has a golfing theme with cheerful background music.

The symbols illustrate this golf slot very well. The eagle is the wild symbol and an expanding wild.

The birdie is the scatter symbol, and 3 or more birdie symbols will trigger the Mini Golf Bonus Round where a nine-hole golf course must be played.

Get the chopsticks ready for winning on this 5 reel and 20 payline i-Slot. This game is a mix of Hello Kitty and Godzilla; a contemporary spin into a Japanese style slot.

Godzilla is the expanding wild, 5 Geishas will grant 20 free spins and the Katana sword will trigger the jackpot round.

Discover the Japanese pop culture with this i-Slot. This is a carnival-themed i-Slot featuring 5 reels and 20 paylines. The blue-haired clown is the wild symbol and the bonus symbol is the girl in a bumper car which triggers a bumper cars bonus round.

A crackling jackpot can be won with the 5 little boy symbol. This i-Slot of 5 reels and 20 paylines will take you back to the hippie generation in the s.

There are psychedelic pastels colors that form the background to the flowers that pop-up around the symbols on the reels. The heart is the wild symbol, and the motorcycle and bus symbol are both scatters.

This is a 15 payline and 5 reel crime fighting i-Slot. It is a well-planned heist action casino game with plenty of loot to snatch-up.

Lookout for the cop, the dynamite, and the getaway symbols. Dynamite symbols will grant free spins. The Bonus Round activates when 3 Tommy guns land on the reels.

There are 4 bonus rounds on this one-arm bandit game. This is a robbery-themed i-Slot of 15 paylines that resembles Reel Crime I Bank Heist, but with a different kind of robbery, and offering more great payouts.

The Reel Crime 2 Art Heist symbols are rare historic paintings that are well-known worldwide. The forger is the wild symbol and the masterpiece is the scatter symbol.

Keep an eye out for the one and only Mona Lisa. This electrifying rock-themed i-Slot has 5 reels, 20 paylines and rock and roll music!

The animation is sizzling as the reels are literally set on fire when they spin. The green bass guitar is an expanding wild. This is one highly animated slot!

Join Robin Hood for the biggest hunt ever on this 20 payline and 5 reel i-Slot. There are 3 storylines to watch when each bonus round is completed.

Lady Marion is rather generous, and will grant extra spins. This i-slot of 5 reels and 15 paylines has a fantastic golf theme.

There is a cool jackpot, wild symbol, scatter symbol and a bonus game. Take a stroll into the nines as the sun shines on the course. The golfer is the scatter symbol and will take you to the bonus rounds where you can collect more cash.



Mad Scientist Slot Machine - Play For Free Instantly Online Video

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Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Du kannst bis zu 19 Freispiele erneut auslösen, wenn du die Höllentore spielst. Det bästa receptet för att ha roligt är att ha rätt ingredienser. Enter the lab of the mad scientist and be one of the first to use its gold-making machine in Cash Crazy, a video slot game designed by the Microgaming team. The inventor of the cash-making machine is the most valuable symbol of the entire game, able to multiply your wager several hundreds, if not thousands of times. Roulette is a casino game named after the French word meaning little wheel. Icons include, Jack, Jill, falling down the hill, a basket and more.{/ITEM}


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